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Felipe González Santos Opens a Window to Controversial History: From Extremist Antisemitism to Support for Zionism in the Podcast "Un Tema Al Dia"

In a recent edition of the popular podcast “Un Tema Al Dia”, moderated by Juan Luis Sánchez, we had the unique opportunity to listen to a captivating dialogue with Felipe González Santos, a member of the Take Part project team. The discussion took place on November 6 and addressed a frequently avoided yet extremely relevant topic: the transformation of far-right attitudes towards antisemitism and Zionism.

Felipe González Santos spoke about the persecution and mass murder of Jews in Europe and how this became the most emblematic symbol of the horrors of Nazism. Moreover, he explored the historical paradox that, although the far-right was notorious for its antisemitism over the decades, over time, its attitudes underwent a significant shift.

One of the most provocative ideas discussed was how, currently, the heirs of supremacist ideologies, once antisemitic, have become fervent defenders of Israeli Zionism. This radical change in perspective raises important questions about the nature and evolution of political extremes, as well as how they relate to the global historical and geopolitical context.

For those interested in this deep and complex subject, the “Un Tema Al Dia” podcast episode with Felipe González Santos is a valuable resource. It is a perfect example of how open and informative dialogue can illuminate aspects of history that continue to shape our society.

To listen to this fascinating episode, visit Un Tema Al Dia and join the conversation that reveals much about our past and current political landscape.